2nd Anniversary of "Hour of Code HK"

2nd Anniversary of "Hour of Code HK"
「編程一小時」(Hour of Code HK) 兩周年典禮

The ‘Hour of Code’ was first started in America since 2013. Now, over 300 million people worldwide have learned an ‘Hour of Code’. Since 2014, CityU Apps Lab started the ‘Hour of Code’ HK campaign, providing coding workshops for the public to learn coding.

自美國在2013年推行「編程一小時」 (Hour of Code),至今全球已超過三億人參加了這個活動。在2014年,香港城市大學應用程式實驗室亦積極在香港開展「編程一小時」活動。舉辦「編程一小時」的目的是要讓大眾於一小時內體驗應用電腦科學的樂趣,鼓勵大眾多了解認識電腦科學。

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Fly on Cloud Win Server & Veritas Backup Seminar

Fly on Cloud - Windows Server 2016, Lenovo Server & Veritas Backup Seminar

Microsoft Windows Server 2016 has finally launched in October 2016. Senco-Masslink, cooperated with Lenovo and Veritas, organized a Seminar on 25th November 2016 to introduce new features of windows server and backup solutions for corporates.

Microsoft Windows Server 2016 終於在今年10月正式上市。為針對近年層出不同的網絡威脅事件,最新的Windows Server 2016 為企業提供更全面的安全防護。 有見及此,Senco-Masslink 聯同Lenovo及Veritas於11月25日舉辦講座,為客戶介紹 Windows server 最新功能及企業資料備份方案。感謝客戶的支持,使是次活動得以順利完成。

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Fortinet Total Security Solution for your Enterprise

Fortinet Total Security Solution for your Enterprise

The threat of ransomware is still growing. Is your organizations’ protection strong enough to defense ransomware? How to avoid being caught out by ransomware? Don’t want to be the next target? Senco-Masslink tells you how to protect your organizations against the threat of ransomware.

惡意加密勒索軟件 (Ransomware) 令本港各大中小企陷入 IT 保安恐慌。稍一不留神,有機會隨時「中招」。究竟機構現有的防火墻夠強嗎?又是否可以防範電腦檔案被加密? 不想成爲加密勒索軟件攻擊的目標,Senco-Masslink教你如何避免「中招」。

Senco-Masslink and Fortinet organized a seminar - “Total Security Solution for your Enterprise” to our clients in September. We introduced the functions and advantages of Fortigate Next Generation of Firewall, teach them how to make use of FortiSandbox & Two Factor Authentication to protect against the threat of ransomware. Seminar was very successfully. You’re welcome to ask any questions about this event. See you in the next coming event!

Senco-Masslink 與Fortinet 在9月聯手合辦一場「Total Security Solution for your Enterprise」活動講座,希望藉此讓客戶更了解Fortigate Next Generation of Firewall 的功能和好處,並認識如何利用FortiSandbox & Two Factor Authentication多重保障機構免受加密勒索軟件的攻擊。 是次講座得到各位客戶的支持,得以順利結束。如對是次講座有任何問題,歡迎向我們的專業團隊查詢。期待與你在下次活動見面!

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iPad Technical Workshop - iOS 10

iPad Technical Workshop (iOS 10 & Apple School Manager)

With the new updates on WWDC 2016 in September, 2016, Apple announced some updates & new deployment method in Education Sector. As an Authorized Education Reseller & Apple Service Provider, we provide up-to-date information to teachers and technical staff in managing Apple devices more effectively.
Due to overwhelming response, our workshop was full and concluded successfully. New features of iOS 10, application procedures of Apple School Manager, Device Enrolment Program (DEP) & Volume Purchasing Program (VPP) have been introduced to provide a more efficient way to school to manage multiple devices.
Our next iPad Technical Workshop will be held in the early of November. For more details, please stay tune with our Senco-Masslink webpage. See you all in the coming workshop!

Apple 剛在9月舉行 WWDC 2016,當中發表了不少適用於學校的軟件更新。爲了讓各位老師和IT 技術支援人員進一步掌握資訊,Senco-Masslink 特意在10月12日舉辦了一場 iPad Technical Workshop。
感謝各位參與人士的支持,令是次工作坊得以完滿舉行。由於反應熱烈,場内座無虛席。希望藉此工作坊令各位了解最新的iOS 10,及如何申請 Apple School Manager和 Apple 部署計劃 (VPP 或DEP 計劃)。
下一場iPad Technical Workshop 安排在11月初舉行,詳情將稍後在 Senco 網頁公佈。期待與你在下次工作坊見!

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