Apple Experience Centre at SENCO!

Welcome to come & experience our Apple Office!

Experience how iPad transforms the way you work!

Senco-Masslink, as a Corporate Value Added Reseller of Apple, has set-up ourApple Experience Center at our office. The Center demonstrates real life application of Apple's Products in Business.

Apple Integrated hardware and software -- comprehensive security -- simple, scalable deployment, and a powerful platform for apps, hand-in-hand with the best possible user experience.

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Authorized Reseller of Filewave

Multi-platform Management

Authorized Reseller of Filewave in Hong Kong!

Senco-Masslink, has been appointed as the Authorized Reseller of Filewave in Hong Kong!

FileWave, as a multi-platform management solution, empowers your IT team to easily configure, distribute and manage software, documents, and any other files that you would like to deploy, without interruption to your end-users.

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Windows XP End of Support

8 April 2014

Windows XP End of Support from April 8, 2014

When patching ends on April 8, 2014, vulnerabilities will become known, but Microsoft will not be providing automatically installed free patches to fix them.

  • Windows XP can't run the newer and more secure versions of Internet Explorer
  • Microsoft has indicated that some anti-virus software may no longer support Windows XP
  • Older video and printer drivers are also potential avenues of attack
  • Fee-based support will be expensive, with annually increasing pricing
  • Hacker groups are already developing plans to attack Windows XP systems

For enterprise-class customers, starting now is imperative to ensure total migration. Delaying migration isn't worth the security vulnerabilities and costs that will result from use beyond the end of life.


Education Newsletter - e-Learning Solution

March 2014

Education Newsletter - Mar 2014

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Senco-Masslink provides one-stop e-Learning solution to schools including Learning Devices, Networking Solution, CCTV and Suverliance & Apps Development.
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