ICT & Apps Development

includes Information & Communications Technology, Apps Development.


JAMF Software - The Casper Suite

The Casper Suite is the leading endpoint management solution for Mac, iPad, iPhone, and Apple TV. Secure and manage devices automatically, while enabling users to help themselves using self service on demand.


eSchoolPad - Mobile Device Management

eSchoolPad is a mobile device management service platform customized for classroom environment. It is a service designed for primary and secondary schools to manage iPads. With the growing popularity of using iPads as a learning media, there is a strong demand for enhancing mobiles devices management inside the campus.


Promethean - Interactive Education Technology for Schools

Promethean is a world leader in interactive collaborative solutions. Her innovative technology tools—interactive whiteboards, software, audience response systems and interactive tools—are designed to support communication, collaboration, creativity and learning.


Epson - Projector

Epson's projectors is that nearly all of the major components in the projectors are developed and manufactured in-house, including the HTPS liquid crystal panels, lamps, multi-lens arrays, projection lenses, power supply units and ballast, interactive devices and integrated circuits for image processing engines.


Faronics – Deep Freeze

Deep Freeze provides the ultimate workstation protection. It creates a Frozen snapshot of a workstation’s desired configuration and settings. Any unwanted changes are removed upon restart and the computer is returned to its pristine Frozen state.