Education Division

SENCO's effort irrigated in the education area has already received an incredible accomplishment. Over the last 20 years, our Education Team has been contributing her professional skill-set and know-how to guide the roadmap of the IT development. Being a professional IT consultant, we are acknowledged as the market leader providing technical solutions to hundreds of schools and colleges in Hong Kong. Our business domain covers all level of education institutions, that our services are diversified into the field of technical consultancy, equipment procurement, and maintenance services.

For Senco Profile in Education, please visit our Education Profile Video.

Enterprises Division

With an emphasis on providing total solution offerings, SENCO has forged with the talent we own, the experience we built and the expertise we developed to exceed the heightened customer expectation. As we continue to position ourselves as the top provider of next-generation technology and solutions for all-sized enterprises in the dynamic business world, our critical mission is to explore the right tools to reduce your operating cost, enhance your productivity, thereby empowering your business to the greatest extend possible.

Government Division

SENCO always endeavors to expand. We are the major IT service provider to supply, deliver, install and maintain the computer devices for various Government departments in Hong Kong. We have taken a big leap to fortify our reputation in providing the maximized value for the Government, with the widest scope of quality system products, tailored solutions and excellent level of services. 

We are pleased to announce as HKSAR Government authorized contractor for over 10 years and appointed to provide all items and professional services under the SOA.